Here are some words from patients who have benefited from acupuncture treatments:


“I can highly recommend Lucy to anyone wanting to try acupuncture. She is so passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does. Lucy treated me for accute back pain and sciatica which had left me in a very low mood. This was my first experience of acupuncture and I was sceptical how it would help in this instance but was willing to give anything a try at this stage. Lucy explained everything she was doing and I found the treatment very relaxing. It not only eased my back pain but it made moving around easier and also greatly improved my mood.”



“I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough! I have been receiving acupuncture from her for the last few months for a condition that leaves me in daily pain. Lucy really listens to you and gets to the cause of your issues leaving no stone unturned before deciding on a treatment plan. During treatments, she balances being entirely professional whilst putting you at ease and explaining what she is doing and why. Since receiving regular treatment with Lucy I have seen a significant reduction in my symptoms and to top it off my sleep has also dramatically improved! I have called on her at short notice to help reduce pain and the relief is almost instant. I couldn’t do without her and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to explore an excellent alternative to pain relief medication”.



“Lucy has been helping me with a number of issues but mainly back pain. Not only have I seen an improvement in my back condition but also improvements in my overall well being, some of which have surprised me. It’s wonderful to attend a clinic which has the perfect mixture of professionalism & being able to put you at ease”.



“After many years of fighting illness, I had tried everything to feel better, but with no improvement. Since having acupuncture with Lucy, I am feeling well, happy and no longer governed by my health”.



“I would highly recommend Lucy as an excellent acupuncturist and also as a wonderful lady who listens, has a wonderful kind approach to your treatment and goes the extra mile to research and take time to carefully think about what would be the most effective treatment plan for you as an individual. Since visiting her, I have seen so many improvements in my symptoms and will definitely continue down this road”



“I have received 5 treatments through Lucy and cannot recommend her highly enough, I now go every 3-4 weeks to keep my health a priority.  Lucy genuinely cares for my overall health and is delighted when I see the improvements I am hoping for. Lucy is very informative and has really helped me to understand my body and mind better, helping me to feel more in tune with myself and place greater focus on my health and well being.
Lucy applies the needles in a very gentle manner and uses other techniques alongside the needles in order to help me gain the most from the treatment”



“I took my daughter (age 10) to see Lucy because she was becoming more and more anxious about everyday things, and she was getting very upset about the adverse effect this was having on her digestive system.

After only three treatments we noticed a huge difference in her confidence, and three months later she is like a different child – not without worries but much more willing to face them, and each positive experience is building her self-esteem. Best of all, she no longer has to run for the loo several times in the morning before school!

Never having had acupuncture ourselves, we were a bit sceptical but it was upsetting to see our daughter struggling with her worries so we decided it was worth a try. Lucy has been amazing and the difference she has made is phenomenal – I can’t recommend her highly enough!”



“Lucy is a dedicated and caring acupuncture practitioner. She is passionate about what she does and is very thorough in treating the core problem to relieve symptoms and conditions. She is very warm and friendly in her manner and will quickly put you at your ease if you are at all worried about the treatment. Lucy explains what she is doing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of acupuncture and how this will help. I have been seeing her now for a few months for a chronic sinus condition and acupuncture has provided excellent relief and management of this condition where traditional medicine could not. I highly recommend Lucy”.

Lucy S


“I went to Lucy at a part of my life where I felt low and not sure where to go for help. I had sciatica and was really feeling my age. From the first treatment I noticed less pain and was no longer being woken up with it. I also noticed my spirit lifted and I had more energy. Lucy is incredibly warm and friendly and I look forward to my treatment”



“Lucy has a lovely way of putting you at ease. I’m new to acupuncture and it’s been really interesting. It’s hard to quantify what acupuncture has done for me, as I didn’t have a specific illness or injury, but I know I feel calmer within and have found it much easier making decisions”.



“Acupuncture is surprisingly relaxing considering you are having needles stuck in to you and Lucy is really nice”

Paige aged 16.