Moxibustion, or Moxa for short, is a Chinese herb made from common mugwort (artemsia vulgaris). It is an external treatment based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and used for over 2500 years to prevent and cure diseases.

Moxa is used in most areas of treatment, but can be particularly useful for diseases such as osteoarthritis, muscular and joint pain, soft tissue injury, asthma, urinary retention, period pains, diarrhoea, weakness, fatigue and malposition of a baby during pregnancy.

There are various types and methods of moxa, either loose moxa or it is compacted in to a moxa stick for use on larger areas of the body.

Moxa is incredibly nourishing, warming and smells wonderful.

Loose moxa

Loose moxa is rolled in to cones and places directly on to an acupuncture point on the skin and ignited. The moxa warms the point before needling and the moxa is removed before any heat touches the skin. 






Moxa sticks

A moxa stick is lit and kept at certain distance from the skin and works wonders for warming areas of pain.

They are used in the treatment of turn malposition babies by indirectly  warming a powerful acupuncture point on the end of the little toe.

Moxa sticks are good for clearing skin conditions including:

  • Psoriasis
  • bedsores
  • infected scar tissue
  • tooth-ache
  • boils
  • Spots and pimples
  • Cuts and blisters
  • Viral complaints such as herpes and shingles